Education ELA Team
In-House / Marketing
During one of my internships at an online education company I was tasked with creating a presentation deck for the ELA division. The main problem they were facing was that their ELA content was far too vast for them to create a sensible design system that felt cohesive with the identity and personality of all of their material. Therefore, I was tasked with creating a system that could condense the ELA division into one single visual solution, which would then be used in presentation decks. 
After researching through all of their ELA assets, I saw how there were easily 200+ illustrated assets from over 50 of their provided curriculum to students and educators. And with each of these, their visual styles, personalities, and subjects would vary according to the topics and grade levels. This created the challenge of designing a solution that could combine everything into one condensed and cohesive style. 

While first being suggested to create a group of icons that could represent the topics and creating a system around that, I found that it would hold none of the character, excitement, and story that the curriculum was written around. With such expressive and diverse illustrations available, I decided the best way to express these stories was to have them literally pop off the page! 
Just as how these stories should jump off the page and immerse students in their worlds, I wanted to visualize this idea by having the characters and environment breaking out of a rip on a page. By creating a torn-page effect, I then collaged assets from each of their education materials together into cohesive scenes that felt like they were telling a story. This 

Unfortunately, I completed this project on the last week of my internship and was not able to present it to the team. But after some time I heard back from my mentor saying they showed my designs and how well-received they were. I was also told how they were planning on expanding my system beyond presentation assets and into marketing and other client-facing material.
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